Thursday, 1 September 2016

Status of "Employee Advocacy" within your Organizations

Promotion and Representation of any organisation by its employees is known as Employee Advocacy.

Employee Advocacy can't be forced, nor can it be bought by any organisation.

Organisations may ask employees to actively promote business through multiple social media channels, as element of their job. However, the most effective employee advocacy consists of freely-offered communication with respect to workforce.

The topic of regardless of whether employees individually are liable to freely promote an organisation is highly related to the level of employee engagement in the work environment, and employee engagement is to a great extent a factor of the corporate culture and the employer’s ability to make working for them a positive affair.

For any organisation to know status of their organisation “Employee Advocacy”, they should take up survey of just two question within their organisation: -

1)      How likely are you to recommend your organisation's products or services to a friend or relative?

2)      How likely are you to recommend a job at your organisation to a friend or relative?

Results will indicate that whether there is a great deal of room for improvement or not within your organisation?

                                            *Image Source – Gartner ( The Buy/Own/Advocate Customer Experience Journey)