Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Speechless Life help to save them

There might be infinity numbers of speechless birds and animals who have been gifted by God same life to leave like we humans . Among this speechless birds there are ample of birds which we use to admire to watch when we were taught in childhood but we often fail to watch them near our homes as we ourselves have kept them far from us by building high tension radiation wires and access points near our home and due to which this birds feel vibration and shock and leads to their death's .Thus birds prefer to leave far from us and our homes .

  "No one to feel there pain"


  1. Your post is brief but speaks everything. I admire your kind heart for all living creatures. Be blessed :) looking forward to interact with you :)

  2. yup i suppose one day we all will be concerned about this part of life and think over it .. and thanx for blessing ..!! :p :)